One-time request of the accounting reports

This procedure is only necessary once to be able to read historical data. For the future use of SellerLogic Lost & Found no requirements of this kind are necessary.

Requesting reports for a period longer than 6 months will not result in further reimbursements. Regardless of this scenario, we search for further errors for a period of up to 18 months.

Requesting the required reports

  1. Please open the following page in SellerCentral:
  2. Please define the period "from" so that it is 6 months in the past from today.

  1. You may have to click through further pages to see the archived reports.

  1. In the column Action you will see the button "Request report" for reports that have to be requested.

  1. Please request all reports for the selected period of 6 months. After a few minutes, make sure that the report has been made available by Amazon. If this is the case, you will see the possibility to download the report in various formats in the Action column.

  1. The reports must be requested separately for each marketplace. To do this, select the desired marketplace in SellerCentral and perform steps 1-4.

The reports only need to be requested. It is not necessary to download them. The processing of the reports is done automatically via the Amazon MWS API.