An overview of all new cases:[globalStatus]=new

A separate case must be submitted to Amazon for each Lost & Found case. Several Lost & Found cases may not be combined into one Amazon case.

Please note the note at the bottom of the pop-up if it is displayed there.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure in advance that you have not initiated the repayment yourself. If this is the case, please click on "Close case" and select "Self reimbursed" as the reason.

  1. Please click on the pen to the left of the case. A pop-up will open.

  2. Please click on the text "open a case at Amazon in SellerCentral" or use this link: to go directly to the Amazon contact form.

Please note that a case must always be submitted in the respective marketplace where the error occurred. The marketplace is displayed in the pop-up above and the text "open a case at Amazon in SellerCentral" under the case description is always linked to the correct marketplace.

  1. If available, please select the following items in the contact form.

  1. If this selection is not available, please make the following selection.

  1. You will now see the case opening form.

  1. Now switch to the pop-up in Lost & Found and click on the sheet next to the case title. This will copy the text and you can paste it into the "Reason for contact" field at Amazon.

  1. Please repeat this process with the case description.

  1. Then click on the "Submit" button below. The page will be updated.

  2. You will find the case number below the case heading. This consists of 10 numbers.

  1. Please enter the case number in the field provided at the bottom right of the pop-up and then click on "Submit". Only numbers without spaces may be entered.