To start using Business Analytics (BA), set up the BA module and enable it for your Amazon account.

Follow these steps to help you go through the BA Wizard:

  1. BA Wizard initiation
  2. Account selection
  3. Home marketplace selection
  4. Signing in Amazon Seller Central
  5. Signing the DPA contract
  6. Summary

  1.  Ba Wizard initiation

    Click the Setup Business Analytics button on the SellerLogic home page or Enable BA on the Account management 

    The Start Business Analytics modal form presents a short introduction to BA. Read the information in the form and click the Next button to proceed with setup.

  2. Account selection

    Select the region that will be added to BA.

    Only one region can be selected. When selecting a region, all its marketplaces are selected automatically.

    Having selected the region, the Next button becomes active. Click it to proceed, otherwise click the Cancel button.

  3. Home market place selection

    Next, you will be offered to select Amazon home marketplace within the region chosen during step 2.

    After selecting one home marketplace click Next to proceed with setup or Back to return to the previous form.

  4. Signing in Amazon Seller Central

    After selecting home marketplace, you will be redirected to the Amazon Seller Central login to sign in and enable an Amazon account.

  5. Signing the DPA contract

    Having enabled your Amazon account, you will be asked to read and sign the Data Processing Agreement. Click Accept to sign the Agreement.
    After signing the agreement, it can be downloaded. Then proceed by clicking the Finish button.

  6. Summary

    If all previous steps have been performed correctly, the Summary message will appear. Click Next to finish the setup process. Alternatively, click the Add new account button to enable another Amazon account for BA and repeat the previous steps.

  7. The Success modal form informs about BA activation. Click Finish to complete the setup or visit the Account management page by clicking the Manage Amazon accounts button.

After enabling BA for your first Amazon account, the 14-day free trial period is activated automatically. Within trial period, BA can be enabled to any number of Amazon accounts.During the trial period, the system downloads and provides the follwoing types of data from your Amazon account(s):

    - Historical data (for the past two years prior to BA setup);
    - Actual data (from the day of BA setup).