Business Analytics tab

Business Analytics (BA) tab displays and provides options to manage information related to Amazon account(s) and subscriptions.

If you see Business Analytics is not enabled for this account message, follow the steps in the Getting started with BA guide to enable BA for Amazon accounts. 

Connected marketplaces

Connected Amazon marketplaces are shown below Your subscription plan section. The marketplaces displayed here belong to the region selected in the BA Wizard. (European region, Far East region, or North America region).

Your subscription plan

This section includes details about the current and next BA subscriptions, enabled for your Amazon account(s).

If there is an active BA subscription plan, a unique Subscription ID will be visible by hovering over the information icon near the Current subscription.
 It is only available for Admin users.

The current subscription duration can be changed (except for the Trial). To change it click the subscription period under Current subscription. To set the new period, change the date range in the Subscription duration form and click the Save changes button.

Subscription details

In order to manage your subscription plans, click the Subscription details button on the right side of Your subscription plan section.

Subscription settings

The Current subscription details are displayed leftward and include the subscription ID, the duration period with an editing option, and the Auto-renew option to enable/disable automatical renewal of the current subscription.

  • The Auto-renew option – if enabled – automatically prolongs the current subscription to the next period. The subscription duration for the new period will be the same as the current one.

  • The Auto-renew option – if disabled – cancels the automatic subscription renewal. If no subscription is selected in the Next subscription, the BA module will be disabled.

The Next subscription details are displayed rightward and include the Set up subscription option (if the next subscription plan is not chosen) or Change subscription option (if the next subscription plan is chosen).

The names of all Amazon accounts for which BA is enabled are shown under the subscription details. The number of Orders referred to a certain account during the current billing period is displayed under the relevant account.

Total orders display the sum of orders during the current billing period for all accounts that are included in the current subscription. 

Under each account, there is an option to enable/disable the current account to be included in the following subscription (Include in next subscription).

The accounts cannot be excluded from the current subscription period. Changes will be applied to the next subscription plan.
The Edit subscription option allows selecting the number of orders and a plan for the next subscription.

The number of orders per month must be chosen before selecting the next subscription plan as the subscription price depends on the number of orders. The selected plan will be shown under the Next subscription.

The chosen subscription plan can be changed or canceled via the Cancel next subscription button. If canceled, No subscription in the Next subscription field will be shown.
There can be only one BA subscription, and it may include any number of accounts. All included accounts will be shown under the subscription details.

Add / restore account

To add the account, click the plus button on the upper right of the Account management page.

The system will clarify which modules have to be enabled for the account: Repricer, Lost & Found, or Business Analytics. Select the necessary options and click Next. You will be redirected to the BA wizard form. Follow the steps in the Getting started with BA guide to help you go through the BA wizard and enable BA for Amazon account. 

Any amount of modules may be selected for enablement for the Amazon account. They will be enabled one-after-another.


The Add / restore account button is active (blue color) for users with permission to manage Amazon accounts. If this option is inactive (gray color), please contact the administrator in order to proceed.

Disable product

BA module can be disabled for Amazon account at any time by clicking the Disable product button.

If the BA trial subscription is disabled, it will be cancled for the whole account and cannot be restored in the future.