• About 'Date range'filter
  • Default periods: excluding & including current day
  • After registration: 2 years of statistic

About ‘Date range’ filter

In the Date range filter, you select the time period for the data you want to be visualized on the dashboard:

Default periods: excluding & including current day

When opening the dashboard for the first time, the default period is set to Between with the date range of the last 14 days (including the current day).

Any other period you can select by:

  • Picking the particular dates;

  • Choosing the date periods offered by the system – last 7 dayslast 14 dayslast 30 dayslast 90 dayslast 6 months ,last year (excluding the current day for all these periods).

 You cannot select future dates (tomorrow, the next Monday, etc.) that follow the current day because that data does not exist yet. However, the system provides the latest statistics for the current and previous days.

The Last week and Last month periods in KPI widgets exclude the current day.

After registration: 2 years of statistics

After the registration, the system shows the Amazon statistics for the last two years.  The reference point is your registration day. 

If today is 2025, and you was registered in 2020, the statistics is shown for any date or data range starting from 2018 (2 years before 2020).