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About 'Currency' field

In the Currency field, you can select in what currency the analytics numbers (of any level) 

should be visualized on the dashboard.

Default currency

The default currency is defined by the native currency of the home marketplace, which is attributed to the first Amazon account that was connected to Business Analytics.

Search for currency

To select the currency, type the first letters of its name or select the needed currency in the Currency dropdown list.

Change currency

After clicking the new currency to make a change, the system notifies you that after selecting the new currency, the dashboard will show different values (recalculated in the new currency). 

To proceed, click Yes, and the dashboard will recalculate your data in accordance with the new currency. 

Clicking the Cancel button declines the currency change.

When selecting the Don’t ask me again checkbox, the confirmation modal window will not appear the next time when changing currency.

If you want to return the previous currency, just select it in the same Currency field, and the dashboard numbers will be re-calculated back into the previous currency values.