• About 'Edit groups' button
    • Ways to open 'Edit groups' page
  • Blank page
  • Page with groups
  • Actions on groups
    • Expand/collapse groups
    • Edit group
    • Delete group

About ‘Edit groups’ button

Clicking the Edit groups button opens the same-name page, where you can create, edit and delete marketplace groups

Marketplace groups can also be created on the Business Analytics dashboard, from the Group/Account field (+Add new group option).

Ways to open ‘Edit groups’ page

On the dashboard, you can open the Edit groups page in two ways:

  • By clicking the Edit groups button at the upper right.

  • By selecting +Add new group in the Group/account field and closing the appeared modal form for adding a new group:

Blank page

If no groups have been created yet, the page is blank. To add groups:

  • Click the plus (Add new group) button in the upper right;

  • Alternatively, you can open the Group/Account menu and select the +Add new group on the Dashboard page.

Page with groups

If some groups were previously added, they would appear as follows:

Actions on group

Expand/collapse group

By clicking the drop-down list arrow, more details will be shown or hidden, namely, the marketplaces of the group, a home marketplace, and an Amazon account name.

Edit group

Every group can be edited by clicking the edit button. 

In the Edit group modal form, you can change the group name and choose other marketplaces, select all marketplaces (Select all button) or deselect them (Clear button).


at least 2 marketplaces must be obligatorily selected.

Delete group

Also, you can delete each group by clicking the trash bin button and confirming this action with the Delete button.