• About sales history chart legend
  • Sales history chart legend field descriptions
  • Selecting and deselecting legend items

About sales history chart legend

The Sales history chart legend provides values for particular metrics for the whole time period selected in the dashboard settings.

If any metrics are hidden, they are not shown on the chart and are not used in calculations.

Sales history chart legend field descriptions

Revenue – the total income that includes the following categories:

  • Product sales – income generated by ordered product sales. Includes shipped orders.

  • Refunds and chargebacks – refund and chargeback transactions that generate income.

  • Reimbursement – reimbursement transactions that generate income.

  • Taxes – tax transactions that generate income.

  • Additional income – miscellaneous transactions that generate income.

Expenses – the total amount of expenses. Includes the following categories:

  • Amazon fees – this category includes order- and non-order-related fees depending on the enabled dashboard filters.

  • Taxes – this category includes Amazon transactions and VAT that can be assigned for FBM products manually.

  • Refunds and chargebacks – the cost spent on chargebacks and refunded products.

  • Guarantee claim – the cost spent on guarantee claims.

  • Promotion – the cost spent on promotions and discounts.

  • Cost of goods* – the cost spent to procure products for selling. 
    By default, it includes 3 categories: Net purchase priceCustoms duty, and Inbound shipment.

  • Shipping costs* – FBM shipping costs that can be assigned manually.

  • Other costs – miscellaneous costs reported by Amazon.

  • Other fees* – miscellaneous fees that can be assigned to products manually.

Estimated profit – the revenue minus total expenses


  • Orders – the number of all orders

  • Units – the number of ordered units

  • Promotion – the number of orders with promotions applied

  • Refunds – the number of refunded units

* – product-related costs that can be added manually through Product cost or Import sections. Shipping costs can be manually entered for FBM products only.

Selecting and deselecting legend items

To add (or exclude) legend items in legend calculations and in the chart, select or deselect corresponding checkboxes.

In the following image, all metrics are selected: they are included in the total (Expenses), and their bars (red, pink, navy blue, blue, and green) are shown on the chart.

In the image below, some metrics are deselected: they are excluded from the total (Expenses) and, therefore, from the Estimated profit calculation. 

The bars (red, pink, navy blue, blue, and green) are not shown on the chart.