Connecting Repricer synchronization enables the auto transfer of product costs/fees data from Repricer to Business Analytics.

The Synchronize with Repricer option is available for multiple products on multiple marketplaces with a bulk action – by choosing marketplaces and adjusting the bulk edit settings. Synchronization can be connected for any product, even if it is not present in Repricer.

Сonnect / disconnect Repricer synchronization

If the connected account in Repricer already exists, Business Analytics data can be synchronized with Repricer. 

  • Connecting Repricer synchronization means that certain costs/fees for a chosen product on a chosen marketplace will be transferred to Business Analytics from Repricer.

  • Disconnecting Repricer synchronization means that certain costs/fees for a chosen product on a chosen marketplace will no longer be transferred to Business Analytics from Repricer.

 There are two ways to connect/disconnect Repricer synchronization:

  1. On the Product costs page under the Synchronize with Repricer filter (for each product separately or for many products at once with the bulk editing option):

2. On the Cost of goods, Other feesShipping cost or VAT modal forms.

Repricer section

The Repricer value section is displayed on the Cost of goodsOther feesShipping cost or VAT modal forms.
If the value is not provided from Repricer, the Repricer section shows The value is not provided. Please set the value in Repricer. message.


The Synchronization with Repricer option is available for the Admin role or for the users with the relevant permission (BA product costs > Manage is enabled).

Repricer synchronization rules

  • Connecting/disconnecting Repricer synchronization influences all product costs/fees. Switching synchronization on the Cost of goods modal form switches it on the Shipping cost, Other fees, and VAT forms as well.

  • Connecting/disconnecting Repricer synchronization for the product affects each marketplace separately. Disconnecting Cost of goods from one marketplace will disconnect the synchronization of Shipping cost, Other fees, and VAT for this marketplace only, while the remaining marketplaces having this product will keep the data synchronization with Repricer.

  • If the synchronization switches to disconnect status and there has been data on-the-go transferred from Repricer as a current value, then this current value goes to history without its end date.

  • If the synchronization switches to connect status and there is some data previously transferred from Repricer, then the latest cost/fee (history value without the end date) is closed with the current day as the end date, and a new value from Repricer is provided as a current value.

  • Adding future cost/fee periods is disabled when synchronization with Repricer is enabled. The user cannot create future cost periods if there is a current period value from Repricer. Once the Repricer value is changed, it goes to the historical costs, and a new current value is presented in the Repricer section. Creating future periods is possible if the user has no synchronization with Repricer connected or if Repricer section displays no value.